Plc driven process controls, such as Allen Bradlee, Mitsubishi, Gould and Ge, installation, startup and commissioning

Industrial motor controls from overhead crane and aircraft hanger doors to interlocking 3-wire control for multiple motor system with safety and fire alarm interface

Hydraulic controls from including punch press, truck dump, and trash compaction equipment

Building automation system install, review, startup and commission including Allerton, Staefa, Siebe, Landis and Gyr, Johnson controls and Siemens.

Equipment upgrade controls for boilers, chillers, cooling towers and air handlers and the related components

Refrigerant leak detector installation, interconnect and commissioning

Fully pneumatic controls as used in classified location blast doors

Class 1 div i, div ii; class 2 div i, div ii location controls including intrinsically safe analog and digital field installation, termination and testing, as used in nitration, water treatment and grain storage facilities

Fire Alarm and Access Controls as necessary to complete integration

Turnkey heat trace installation, testing, pre-functional testing and maintenance.


On a limited basis, commissioning and process control pre-commissioning on federal projects to conform with NAVFAC and USACE standards and specifications


Although not a 24 hour service company, SES responds to equipment failures on a same day, work until operational basis for regular customers and new relationships


SES is primarily an industrial service company. The bulk of our projects involve wiring methods that include galvanized rigid conduit, PVC coated galvanized conduit, PVC encased underground conduit, intrinsically safe cabling in classified locations, directional bored HDPE installations and wiring methods associated with bureau of mines standards.

SES has recently expanded into commercial, institutional and medical facilities that allow EMT, open cable and other less robust wiring methods.

All work follows the NEC, publication NFPA 70, 72, and with NECA1 as applicable


SES is fully aware that all systems interface with other systems. When the need arises, in addition to purely electrical systems, SES offers pneumatic and hydraulic systems troubleshooting and repairs.

Most system failures can be troubleshot and repaired in a single work shift or less. Limitations to a “one shift” repair include replacement parts availability, fire damage, safety concerns and systemic failures.